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Federer Talking About a Time Of Ten Years Ago When Everything Could End

A shocking detail to surprise all his fans was revealed by Swiss tennis player Roger Federer in a media interview from his country.

The Swiss who long ago gained the status of a tennis legend could have been excused from an active player a decade ago. However, in 2009, he won Roland Garros, and then Wimbledon, which was his 15th Grand Slam trophy in his career. He managed to overtake the record of Pete Sampras, which also led him to continue playing tennis.


At that moment, I won everything, so I could already retire,” Federer revealed, and he also told. – I think I’m a totally normal man. I find it very important that people often come, they ask me for autographs, they say they are following me for 20 years. In private life, I’m not that person. I’m a normal man who grew up in Basel. I am the husband and father, the son of my parents. I’m not just a tennis player. Mistakes are part of life. I could do some things differently, but I do not know exactly what. Perhaps in some matches I could play something differently, on some break balls. But, in the end, I do not regret it too much. It would mean that I live in the past, and that would not be good. 

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