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Roger Federer: ‘My boys are more interested in tennis than girls’

In a recent interview, Roger Federer recalled when his son Lenny watched his third round match live against Taylor Fritz at the Australian Open last month. Federer was asked if Lenny is the child out of the four who is more interested to tennis.

“It’s difficult to say, they are still very young. Boys are more interested to ball sports than girls, who are less interested to tennis. I did not know that Lenny would come, but I am always happy when kids are watching.

Most of the time I play at night when kids have to sleep. But Lenny wanted to stay with Mirka” he said laughing. Federer also reflected on the importance of long breaks: “If you give a lot of time to your body and you take a longer break, you give your body the ability to get healed.

You are fresher in your mind after. And when you come back you feel see things in a clearer and more relaxed way.” On the ATP Cup, Laver Cup and Davis Cup coinciding each other, Federer added: “There is a lot to do and I think that thinking in an innovative way is nice.

These are interesting times, but I would not say they are bad. There will always be someone who is not satisfied. Davis Cup and ATP Cup were already existing at the time and at the time no one complained about it, you have to wait and see how things will go.

At the Laver Cup we showed it was a big occasion.”

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