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Wife Mirka helps Roger Federer in taking major decisions

Roger Federer is a great tennis player, but he is definitely also a great family man. In April 2009 the Swiss got married to the former world No. 76 WTA singles player Mirka Vavrinec, then in August of the same year they became parents of two daughters, Myla and Charlene, and in May 2014 of two boys, Leo and Lenny.

In an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA, Annacone explained how having Mirka next to him helps Federer in tennis. ‘She is extremely smart‘, Annacone admitted. ‘She knows tennis very well and most importantly she knows Roger.

So she helps him in taking very important decisions. She has played a huge, huge part in his success.’ Annacone also reflected on how Federer is as a parent: ‘It helps him to play tennis because he relaxes a little bit.

He handles the two things very well.’ Federer also has two great parents, father Robert and mother Lynette. They attend all the Grand Slams Roger plays, as well as the Swiss Indoors in Basel and, rarely, Indian Wells and Miami like in 2017.

Robert also made an exception last year going to the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart just to see the final won by Roger over Milos Raonic. Sometimes are clearly nervous during their son’s matches, but for Annacone that’s obviously normal: ‘I am a parent and I have children and when they do wrong things I get nervous for them.

I can only imagine how difficult it is when your son is on the world’s stage. Like with any parent, they are nervous when he plays, but they are very well understanding, they are very well-balanced and they are very appreciative of all what Roger has done in his life.’

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