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Roger Federer shares what his typical day at home is like

In an interview to Al Jazeera Balkans, Roger Federer revealed how his typical day off the competition is like at home in Switzerland or Dubai where he resides during the European winter time. Federer is married to Mirka Vavrinec and they share four children together: nine-year-olds Myla and Charlene and four-year-olds Leo and Lenny.

“Every day is totally different because you don’t know what the kids are gonna do every day, if you are gonna wake up and they are going to be crying along the way, or they are going to be crying right away or they are going to be happy.

You don’t know”, admitted Federer. “I am just managing more their feelings, educating the older kids look at the girls. The boys are just wanting to play left right, so I am just trying to help with everything they are doing and really enjoy spending time with them and then I try to practice at some stage during the way.

It’s usually pre-organized and usually I practice in the afternoon time so I have more time in the morning with the kids, and in the evening when everything works over, massage is done, I spent time with my family and kids I usually go out to dinner with my friends and my wife either with my friends and my wife.

We always try to go out for dinner, have a nice time and then I fall into bed extremely tired.” On Federer, the writer Thomas Sotto said: “If he wants to see the Pope, he sees him… wherever he puts his foot in the world, there is a red carpet opening up.

I believe a lot in education. And in his case, he never forgot where he came from.”

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